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Political Analyst – Political Author - Presidential Historian    Entertaining Public Speaker 

  • Has been a guest on hundreds of national radio and television shows providing political analysis with an historical Perspective.
  • Presentations are both educational and humorous. Rich is also a master of American political trivia from the Founding Fathers to the present political scene.
  • His books have been quoted on national TV and on radio shows across the country. Rich has published more than a hundred political articles in national blogs, including The Huffington Post.
  • Rich is Uniquely non-partisan and non-ideological.  He is also a Master of Political Trivia
Making Politics Come Alive
rich rubino

Rich's Super Power

The immediate recall of candidates’ statistical data, political trivia, unusual

past historical situations that parallel current political circumstances

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Rich Rubino --- 781-640-5793 --- Richmrubino@gmail.com

Great TV and Radio Show Guest

  • Never a boring political “talking head”
  • Makes Politics Come Alive
  • Humorous perspective
  • Expert on political trivia
  • Fantastic guest for conservative and liberal audiences alike
  • Frequent Repeat guest on many Radio and Internet programs

Books by Rich Rubino

The Great American Political Trivia Challenge

The Great American Political Trivia Challenge:  Political Trivia on Steroids

Wait a second -- LBJ was a janitor? And Jefferson invented the swivel chair? You may think you know politics, but this hilarious and highly educational romp through political trivia will stump you completely, provoke gales of laughter and garner thundering admiration at your next pub trivia game. With answers as varied as Snookie from the Jersey Shore, Franklin Pierce and the Mayflower Compact, there is plenty you will learn that you didn't know. Love it. 

--Julie Mason--Host of “Julie Mason Mornings on SiriusXM


It’s great!! “There’s no fun political fact or bit of trivia that Richard Rubino doesn’t archive here in this great compilation. No fan of politics or history should be without it.

--Mark Mckinon--Co-Executive Producer and Co-Host of The Circus: “inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth on Showtime


At a time when more people are divided about, or disgusted with, politics than ever before, along comes Rich Rubino to make it fun. Trump fans and Biden fans alike will put away their animus to feast on Rich's dizzying display of arcane (and delightful!) facts about our presidents, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, governors, and just about everyone else.  Let others argue about the current political scene.  If you've ever stayed awake at nights thinking about Lyndon Johnson's beagles, or the first president to attend a college basketball game -- as I often have -- this book is for you.  

-- Ken Rudin--former NPR Political Editor, host of Ken Rudin's Political Junkie podcast


The title says “Political Trivia,” but much of the book is not trivial.  It’s full of valuable, if obscure, information.  Like the fact that the U.S. Constitution is based on the Roman Republic.  And the fact that Samuel Chase was the only U.S. Supreme Court Justice to be impeached.  Moreover, the truly trivial items – Like President Millard Fillmore’s last words – are fun.

Bill Schneider--Former CNN Senior Political Analyst, Author of Standoff:


We joke that Rich Rubino has forgotten more about political history than we will ever know.  The truth is he’s NEVER forgotten anything about political history.  Rich is one of the most popular guests on our radio stations and the listeners love his insights.

Ryan Wrecker – Co-Host St. Louis Talks on KMOX-AM

Other Books by Rich Rubino

American Politics on the Rocks: The Bizarre Side of American Politics

American Politics on the Rocks: The Bizarre Side of American Politics

Make Every Vote Equal

Make Every Vote Equal:  What a Novel Idea

The Political Bible of Little Known Facts in American Politics

The Political Bible of Little Known Facts in American Politics

The Political Bible of Humorous Quotations from American Politics

The Political Bible of Humorous Quotations from American Politics

Rich's books can be purchased on Amazon.com

Biography of Rich Rubino

Rich holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Communications (Media Track) from Assumption University, and earned a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College. He lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts

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2 Crocker Park Lane
Marblehead MA 01945

Phone: 781-640-5793